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PGM Diversified Industries provides forensic engineering services for law firms, insurance companies and private organizations throughout the country. Our forensic engineering services encompass product and failure analysis in electrical, electronic, software systems, and the investigation of potential patent infringement.

PGM also specializes in the analysis of product design and of the failure mechanisms of products, especially as relates to electrical and/or electronic systems. PGM has provided forensic expertise in over 200 cases involving electrical and electronic equipment in fires, accidents and patent cases.

In addition to forensic engineering services, we can also provide litigation support services such as attorney/jury education and model fabrication. Our unbiased approach of handling both plaintiffs and defense claims gives us a unique ability to provide our clients with a tight cohesive case. More than 95% of our cases are settled to the satisfaction of our clients.

Some of the areas that we have consulted in include:

Consumer Appliances and Equipment

Home appliances including automatic drip coffee makers, clothes dryers and refrigerators; home wiring and electrical distribution systems; battery chargers; and septic tank aeration systems among others.

Industrial Equipment

Steel mill coke car quenching systems, fluorescent lighting systems, overhead crane/conveyor systems, industrial heating systems, electrical distribution equipment, elevators, laser systems, industrial appliance control and ladder logic.

Computer Software and Hardware

Hardware failure, software design and reliability, control algorithms, image processing algorithms, microprocessor based hardware and software, instrumentation.

Commercial and Municipal Equipment and Systems

Power distribution systems, outdoor area lighting, keyless door entry systems, HVAC systems, personal computers, power electronics, telecom systems, and automotive systems among others.

Fee schedule is available upon request.

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